A Simple Reason why Nigeria is Experiencing Hardship

The country Nigeria has been beclouded by so many problems. These problems are all cause by Nigerians themselves. There is one serious problem going on in Nigeria which is called "Blame Shifting" This simply means, putting blames on others for the crimes, wrongs and evil things committed.

Everybody in Nigeria tries to blame another person for the wrong things they do instead of admitting their wrongs and changing their attitude, they blame politicians, governments, pastors, imam, principals, headmasters, police, soldiers and even the devil or God himself.
They blame the North, South, East or West for their own nemesis not knowing that they are suffering as a consequence of the wrong they did some time ago. Until this attitude is change, we will never develop.

A Nigerian always seek to justify his selfish attitude, corrupt act, trying to say they are sharp and intelligent by deceiving people to get something from them. This short example explains the problem with Nigeria.

*HEADMASTER: how much is passport photograph for children?*

*PHOTOGRAPHER: the price for the passport is N100 per child*

*HEADMASTER: No, the pupils are 500 in numbers, so we are paying N50*

*PHOTOGRAPHER: ok no problem sir, you can pay N50 each since they are many*

*HEADMASTER: class teacher go & inform the pupils that they should bring N150 each tomorrow for the passports.*

*ClASS-TEACHER: ok sir, i will inform them right away*

*ClASS-TEACHER: Good day pupils, you are all to come with N200 tomorrow for passports.*

*PUPIL: Mummy we were asked to bring N300 for passport at school*

*MUMMY: Father, your son was asked to come to sch with N500 passport fee tomorrow.*

*FATHER: OOH My God. BUHARI make things costly day by day, including education. We have said it, this man is wicked.*

```Moral lesson: 'LET THE CHANGE BEGIN WITH YOU AND I'. Honesty and sincerity are all that we need to make this country a better place!

Please read this carefully and have a change of attitude. Nobody will build this country for us, we just have to do it ourselves. Instead of justifying our evil act while blaming others, lets change our attitude instead. Think about it. Change begin with YOU, change your motives and thought.

Lets be proud of our country Nigeria.
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