Mystic who predicted Trump's presidency reveals when World War 3 will start

Man who predicted Trump’s reign predicts exact date WW3 will explode. Horacio Villegas claims he is the true ‘messenger of God’ - Interestingly, he predicted Trump’s attack on Syria before it actually happened. He believes Trump will lead the world into WW3 The mystic man who in 2015 accurately predicted that Donald John Trump would become America’s 45th president has made yet another mind-boggling prediction.

We gathered that Horacio Villegas, a self-proclaimed ‘messenger of God’, has predicted when World War Three (WW3) will start and end and who will be fighting.
According to Villegas, President Trump will become the ‘king of Illuminati’ and will play key role in the looming WW3.

Mystic who predicted Trump’s presidency reveals exact day of World War 3 Horacio Villegas predicts date of World War 3. Interestingly, Villegas also reportedly predicted that President Trump will attack Syria, just before it happened last week. Villegas further claims that the attack on Syria would eventually draw Russia, North Korea and China into the bloody conflict.

He predicts that May 13, 2017, will mark the day WW3 will begin. It will be on the 100th anniversary visitation of Our Lady of Fatima, Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. “The main message that people need to know in order be prepared is that between May 13 and October 13 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death!” Villegas claims.

Villegas, who reportedly relies on prophets, philosophies and bible references in his studies, also predicts that there will be a ‘false flag’ that will lead to a spate of devastating attacks carried out under incorrect information. These attacks, he claims, will occur between April 13 and May 13 and will include North Korea and Syria. After the US bombed Syria last week and dropped what CNN described as ‘the mother of all bombs’ on Afghanistan, Villegas predicts North Korea is next on target list. As to whether or not these wars will escalate into full blown world war, only time will tell.
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